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Micro Controller Projects Page

October 2017

Hi and welcome to my Micro Controller Projects Page. Over the years I have written many articles for Nuts and Volts and other magazines about building micro controller based projects of all varieties. I have designed and built projects for the Arduino, for the Teensy line of micro controllers, for the Raspberry Pi and most recently for the ESP8266 family of devices. In addition, I have written many articles about  technology in general which have also been published.

After publication, I hosted these articles on my personal website,, and let readers download the articles and the supporting code whenever they wanted to. Web statistics from my website told me which of my articles were the most popular so I decided to package these up into PDF booklets, attach the code and provide them to you.

The advantage of doing this is that people will have everything they need in one place for building any of my projects and once download won't have to consult the Internet or old issues of magazines to figure things out.

Who Am I
My name is Craig A. Lindley and I am a consummate tinkerer, maker, beer brewer and musician from Black Forest, Colorado. I have a BSEE degree in electronic engineering from Cal Poly, Pomona, California. My love of micro controllers / micro processors began around 1976 when I built my first S100 bus computer using the Signetics 2650 micro processor. Shortly there after I got a job at Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) where I honed my hardware and software skills working on the central data system for the Galileo spacecraft. My name was actually etched onto the gold record which flew to Jupiter on Galileo and orbited the planet before plunging to its death onto the planet. Since that time I have worked for many large tech firms including: IBM, Sun Microsystems, HP, Rolm and TRW sometimes as a hardware engineer and sometimes as a software engineer / programmer. I even had my own company, Enhanced Data Technologies, doing cutting edge digital imaging for many years before returning to private industry. Late in my career I spent time writing large Java Enterprise applications for numerous startup companies. I returned to the embedded world after I retired from industry and since then I have written extensively about any aspect of micro computers that caught my attention / interest. I have over 75 publications to date including 5 books (more if you include these PDF booklets). My published books include:
Information about all of my publications can be found at:
I also hold five US patents in various aspects of computer engineering.

What's in these Documents?

As mentioned, most chapters of these project PDF documents are updated versions of articles I have previously published. Most of these articles were originally published by Nuts and Volts magazine and permission has been obtained for republication. I have also included some new unpublished project articles and other material which I call snippets. Snippets are not full construction articles but rather experiments or proofs of concepts that I thought would be of interest. All of the code that goes along with the articles in these documents is also provided.

The table below should give you an idea of the content of each PDF booklet.

ESP8266 Projects
Raspberry Pi Projects
Arduino Projects
Teensy Projects
Introductory ESP8266 article
Introductory Raspberry Pi article
Arduino Forth
Driving LED article
Multiple types of clocks including
Nixie Tube clock, NeoPixel clocks
NTP clocks, World Time clocks
Web Controlled Music Player
Multiple types of digital clocks
Crystal Palace
Robot and Robot Controller
Particle System
The Comtemplator
Light Applicance
Internet Radio
Internet Radio
Infinity Portal
MIDI buddy
MIDI Song Player
Portable Raspberry Pi Media Center
3D 4x4x4 LED cube
FFT color organ
RSS News Reader
Music box
Aurora Mod
Thinking of You

Arduino controlled FM radio

Weather Station

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Available Now

Micro Controller Projects - Volume 1 - The amazing ESP8266

And Coming Soon.
Micro Controller Projects - Volume 2 - The Raspberry Pi
Micro Controller Projects - Volume 3 - The Arduino

Micro Controller Projects - Volume 4 - The Teensy

Important Notes
Please do not give away copies of these articles and/or code to other people. The meager amount of money I make from this download will be used to finance new projects that I will design, build and publish in the future.

There are absolutely no guarantees about the projects published in this document. I can verify that the projects did work when the articles were originally written but things in technology change at a lightning pace. Development tools change, libraries on which the projects' depend change and all of this is outside of my control. I do, however, believe if you are a relatively competent electronic enthusiast / programmer all of the these projects can be made to work with a little bit of effort.

Product support is not included in the purchase of this document. Support is available, however, on a paid basis. Please email for more information.

You are free to use code from these articles in any way you want including commercial products, but you are not allowed to use my name to endorse anything you do without my written permission.

Republication of any part of these documents is strictly prohibited without prior written permission from Craig A. Lindley, the author.

The complete contents of these documents and the accompanying software / code are Copyright 2017, 2018 by Craig A. Lindley, All Rights Reserved.