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Here are some new tunes I am currently working on. What do you think? I hope you like them.
 Any tunes you find on this page may or may not be finished. They may be here one day and gone the next, who knows?
 Some of these tunes may make it onto a new CD at some point in the future. Most of these tunes
are covers but every once in a while I will slip an original in here. Unless otherwise noted, I play all instruments
and sing all vocal parts on all of these songs.

That Thing You Do
From the Tom Hanks movie of the same name
which is one of my favorite movies of all time.
I think I was channeling the Oneders (Wonders) during the recording
Heather did some excellent clapping through out this tune

Rhythm of the Falling Rain
Ricky Nelson and the Cascades both recorded this tune
Styx played the drums on this tune

A Sting song I really like
Thanks to Styx and Judith for helping with this tune

Mister Spaceman
An old Byrd's song

Got You On My Mind
Eric Clapton and others cover
Paul (Styx) sings this one and plays drums

Styx played drums on this tune

Styx played drums on this tune

The Way
Styx played drums on this tune and Chris played the bass

Now for something entirely new and different
The theme from the BBC TV show
Shakespeare and Hathaway
This tune was written by British composer
Debbie Wiseman
and played by me

A rather famous Eagles song sans the words
Bits and pieces of various versions of the song all strung together

One Head Light
A Wallflower's tune
Lead singer is Bob Dylan's son

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Listen to this music with headphones for the best listening experience.

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