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NEW NEWS: In June of 2019 Heather and I bought a house in Rockrimmon and started the process of moving from the Black Forest. We are getting older and wanted to be closer to town and we had tired of the long drive to and from the Black Forest property. In addition a neighbor moved in next to us who was a landscaper and he made noise from dawn to dusk with his many workers and transportation of heavy equipment in and out of the property. We actually went in front of the El Paso County planning commission to try and force him to move his equipment elsewhere because he was junking up the forest and messing with the quality of life of all of the neighbors but of course since money was involved the commission ruled in his favor. So someone can come into an area that you have happily lived in for almost 20 years and completely ruin the environment and you have absolutely nothing you can do about it. So we moved.

I will eventually change this page to the new house when I get some extra time.

So this is no longer our home in the forest. We are now city dwellers and you know what, our house in Rockrimmon is quieter than what our house in Black Forest had become.

Heather and I have lived in Colorado since 1981. We moved here from Southern California for a better quality of life. We lived in Manitou Springs for over 20 years and then moved to our home in the Black Forest in 2001. We live on 14+ acres in the forest and it suits us. It is generally very quite and we can see the stars at night.

This is the rear of our house in the summer time.
Flowers in the spring time.
Our buddy Nitetime (rest his soul) hanging out on the deck with the flowers.
Spring flowers. You can see some black netting that we use to keep the deer out. Without the netting they will eat everything we plant.
A fly agaric mushroom (amanita muscaria). Some years after a lot of rain we will have thousands of mushrooms sprout around the house.
Summer in full bloom.
We have plenty of wildlife in our back yard. Black squirrels with tufted ears like this little guy, lots of  deer, birds, coyotes and even bear.
Here is a view of the front of our house in the winter.  Most winters we have very little snow. 2006 was an exception.
Here is our deck during the blizzard of 2006. The drifts were five feet deep on the deck.
Here I am with my snow blower trying to get my stuck truck out. The snow was pretty deep at this point.
This is a more typical winter snow, an inch or less.
During one storm we were stuck at our house for 10 straight days. I had to work from home because I couldn't get to work. One day Heather and I went cross country skiing down the streets since they hadn't been plowed.  Those are our ski tracks down the middle of the road.

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