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Hi and welcome to my personal interest pages. Here you will find the stuff that flicks my bic so to speak. Even though I have worked very hard over the last 30 years I have been able to devote significant time to my hobbies, many of which are detailed on this page. In fact it was those very hobbies that helped keep me sane over the years what with long work hours, critical and/or impossible deadlines, stupid management, closing companies and shifts in the high tech industry. In March 2006 Heather and I decided it was time for me to leave the working world and spend time doing what I want to do for a change. My body pointed this out to me as well as I had a series of ailments I can only attribute to stress and lack of exercise. Anyway we are now both retired so I have the time to devote to this website.

I have had a lot of good jobs in my career that started out as an electrical engineer and ended as a software programmer. I have met most of my friends through work and that I will miss but I'm still in contact with many of them. My days are more fulfilling now that work is out of the way. I spend more time playing guitar, doing wood working, playing with my computer, traveling and being with Heather. And of course during the winter carrying and chopping a lot of wood to keep warm.

My Interests

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Abstract Art
New experiments with algorithmicly generated imagery.
If I had to do it all over again, I might have been a geologist instead of a computer programmer.  I love rocks and volcanoes. Check it out.
Being a long time guitar player music is a big part of my life. I've recorded a series of CDs both as a solo artist and with others. Many of the songs I've recorded are available on this page.
Computer graphics, image processing and raytracing are all long term interests of mine. A selection of original raytraced images can be found here along with some information about raytracing.
I've created a lot of sawdust in my day building furniture and other things. Check out my craftsman furniture and my other wooden projects here.
Guitar Building
Some of my most ambitious wood working projects to date, building guitars. Look here for the pictures.
I have been interested in programming in the Forth language for a very long time, actually since my time at JPL. I've created this page to document what I have done with Forth in the past and what I am currently doing that may interest other Forth aficionados.
I recently revived my interest in electronics and programming. I have now designed and built numerous interesting electronic gadgets. Check them out on this page.
Reading Recently read books are listed here.
At one point in my life I was a rather prolific writer of  technical articles and books.  A selection of my writings and a publication list are available here.

In July 2008 I was awarded my first patent #7,401,238 entitled, “System and method for causing an idle image to execute on an application node of a distributed computing system when instructed to power down”.  In March 2010, I was awarded my second patent #7,685,148 entitled, "Automatically configuring a distributed computing system according to a hierarchical model". On March 8th, 2011 I was awarded my third patent #7,904,543 entitled, "Dynamically generating custom reports using self-defining report events". On March 13th, 2012 I was awarded my fourth patent #8,135,751 entitled, "Distributed Computing System having Hierarchical Organization". On June 3rd, 2014 I was awarded my fifth patent #8,745,124 entitled, "Extensible power control for an autonomically controlled distributed computing system".

All of these patents were for technology developed while at Cassatt Corporation. All of these are now property of Computer Associates Think, Inc. which bought the Cassatt intellectual property.

If you would like to contact me about anything you see on our website please send email to:

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