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The images below show a number of the projects I have 3D printed. I guess I might have gotten a little carried away (;>)

A nice cascade mountain scene that was printed in 2 sections and glued together.

A bizarre light using rather large fiber optic cables. This device has a micro controller built in which allows it to display many multi color patterns.

More fiber optic cables in a ever changing colorful display.

I call this my flower garden. It also display a multitude of color palettes when triggered by motion.

Another 3D printed vase like object.

A 3d printed hexagon with printed strings.

A 3D printed door stop.

Jizo, a Buddhist icon printed for a friend fighting cancer.

A tall NeoPixel computer controlled light.

Another light with NeoPixels which can display multiple patterns.

A Lotus flower with a simulated candle inside.

A device I call a motion clock. I built this during the pandemic so I could cause the time and date to be displayed whenever I waved my hand towards it.

This bizarre device which has 6 small LCD displays which displays various information and patterns.

A touch screen music player of my design. The case is 3D printed.

A NeoLeaf like device which I designed and 3D printed.

This is the first 3D printed project I attempted. It uses fat fiber optic cables/rod to display colorful patterns. This vase is controlled via WiFi.

A friend of mine had a 70th birthday party with a 60's theme so I printed 30 of these and put them on necklaces for the party and gave them away to the participants.

A pencil and flash drive holder printed with multi color filament.

A Sierpinski triangle pyramid.

The first of 2 cases I printed for a Raspberry Pi and the official Raspberry Pi display.

I programmed the finished device to display Earthquakes that happen worldwide.

Another 3D printed Raspberry Pi and display case.

I call these things shadow casters and I printed a bunch of them for Christmas presents in many different colors. The idea is to put an LED candle inside at night and watch the shadows they cast.

This was quite the project. It is a Shoji lamp which goes together just like a real lamp would. This is the first time I stopped the printing of the screens to change the filament color from white to brown to print the pattern on the screens.

A 3D printed Sun like thing that is also a clock. This device go on when any motion is detected.

I printed all kinds of vases and gave them away as gifts.

This is called a Voronoi structure. I printed it just because it is unique.

Another weird vase

As you can see one can do a lot with a 3D printer and I am just getting started. These machines could even pay for themselves if one was to make items to sell.

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