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Every since I heard about laser cutters I knew I wanted one. I've done a lot of wood working with traditional tools (table saw, band saw, jig saw, etc.) but the level of detail and precision that can be had using a laser is unsurpassed. The first project I ever did was the NeoPixel Christmas tree shown in the images below. For that I had to go to the public library to use their laser cutter because the cost of these machines at that time was out of my reach. Things, thankfully, have changed and I now own a Creality Falcon 2 with a 40 watt diode laser. With this new machine I can do amazing things in my own garage.

You know you are living in the 21st century when you have a machine in your garage that can cut materials with light. Technology is amazing.

The images below show some of the projects I have done. For Christmas 2023, I made a lot of gifts that people really appreciated.

I made a rocket because I could. Reminds me of the stylized rockets of the 1950's.

A beautiful Mandala made from six layers of 2mm Indonesian plywood from Home Depot. I didn't design this piece, I bought the design on Etsy where there are 100's of laser cutter files available for next to nothing.

I fabricated this art piece on my Creality Falcon 2 40 watt laser cutter. It turned out great though it was a lot of work to build, glue up and frame.

This is now hanging on the wall in my dining room for all to see and you really have to see this up close to appreciate the detail.

This is a triptich with each of the three panels made from six layers of 2 mm Indonesian plywood.

This piece is also now hanging on the wall in my dining room.

They look nice hanging next to each other don't they?

Another piece of abstract wall art

A 8 layer Mandala from two types of wood.

Detail of the Mandala above

Another 6 layer wooden art piece

This piece I call Sun Waves

Sun Waves detail

Ringed Tea Light

Made from Baltic birch and scrap Masonite.

Ringed Tea Light

Bottom View

I made this pseudo Antique Radio music player which provides music on my desk while I am working. This project is documented here.  I laser cut the complete cabinet and then painted it with amber shellac to give it an antique look. This thing is the size of a large coffee cup.

I built this speaker box to go along with the antique radio so I didn't always have to use head phones to listen to music. All cutting and engraving was done on my Ortur Laser Master 2 machine.

I engraved this piece for my friends Bob and Nikki for their house concert company they run. I took the image from their web site, processed it and then engraved it onto 1/8" baltic birch.

This is a night light lamp I designed and built. It is hung over a hallway in our house and lights up whenever it senses motion beneath it. 

It first lights up full white to allow safe passage in the dark and then fades to a new color then eventually fades to black.

Very useful.

It's shape  reminds me of a hot air balloon.

This is a icosahedron made up of 19 individual laser cut pieces. Even the connector pieces that hold this thing together were laser cut. This is baltic birch as well.

This has no purpose other than it is amazing to look at.

A napkin holder laser cut from oiled 2mm Indonesian plywood. We use one of these to hold napkins on our dinner table and I use another one on my desk to hold various pads of papers.

This was the first project I ever attempted with a laser cutter. I found the model for the tree and cut it at my local library. I added the NeoPixel rings and the microcontroller used to control them. The tree is motion sensitive and will display a unique pattern of flashing lights anytime it is triggered. It is very beautiful in operation.

This project is described here.

I made the first of these for myself years ago but for Christmas 2023 I made others for my two sisters.

I thought this a nice saying so I designed a large guitar pick like shape and engraved the saying onto it.

I made multiple sets of these coasters for our friends for Christmas. They are made from 2mm Indonesian plywood which stains nicely.

This is what I call a treasure box and they turned out beautifully when cut from baltic birch. They have  what is called live hinges which allows the wood to be bent around the corners of the box. These boxes hold together on their own without any kind of glue and can be taken apart and flattened if necessary. Another Etsy find.

As you can see one can do a lot with a laser engraver/cutter and I am just getting started. These machines could even pay for themselves if one was to make items to sell.

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