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April 2017

I recently finished a project I call the Remote Controllable NeoPixel LED Laser Cut Tree. Check out the demo video below.

The NeoPixel LED tree:
Is beautifully made from laser cut 3 mm Baltic birch plywood.
Is powered by a NodeMCU Amica ESP8266 32 bit WiFi enabled processor
Has 93 individually addressable NeoPixel LEDs allowing for a large number of display patterns
Is remote controllable from any browser on your WiFi network
Has 50 display patterns built in including some with a Christmas theme.
Has an Auto mode which randomly selects display patterns so you get a taste of every display
pattern the tree has available.

I've written an article for Nuts and Volts Magazine about the NeoPixel LED tree which will be published in a future issue. If you are interested, you can read the article here.
The code for the NeoPixel LED tree is available here.

Have fun building your own NeoPixel Laser Cut Tree !

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