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Early Beginnings

Ever since I was a little boy I have enjoyed working with wood (and making fires with wood but that is another story).  Here are two of my earliest project that I made for my Mom. Notice the fine craftsmanship. The first one was made in the Boy Scouts and the second one was made in wood shop class in junior high. It was in wood shop that I caught the wood working bug.


My Shop

It was one of my life's goals to eventually have a shop where I could build quality things out of wood. That dream came true in 2002 when I finally had the space necessary (in our then new Black Forest house) and could finally afford to buy the tools necessary for producing good results. Good tools do make a difference. Since then I have been busy converting a lot of perfectly good wood into sawdust learning how to woodwork for real.  My wood shop is in one bay of our garage. This picture was taken shortly after I cleaned up. Usually the shop (and our two cars) are covered with sawdust of various kinds.


Woodworking Projects

Over the last few years I have been improving my wood working skills by making a lot of stuff out of many different kinds of wood. Not all of it comes our perfect but I learn something new from each piece I make. Another of my life's goals was to make acoustic guitars but I knew I had to hone my wood working skills a bunch before that could happen. Building furniture seemed a good place to start and in fact we needed furniture for our basement so I have concentrated my efforts there. As you will see from the pictures below, over time I have built a bunch of stuff for all over our house and garden. I have also built some guitars. The on going saga of guitar construction can be seen here.

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Furniture Projects Here is some of the furniture I have buiilt for our home.
Custom Frames I like to build frames. Check them out here.
Garden Projects Here are some projects I have built for our garden.
Miscellaneous Wood Projects Other stuff I have built.

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