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Here are some miscellaneous things I have built from wood. Other projects which involve woodworking can be found here. Check out The Infinity Portal, The Big Pixels, Theremin, Wifi Internet Radio, Three D Cube Color Organ and Sophie's Music Box.

guitar rack
One of my first projects was a wall rack for hanging some of my guitars. This rack is capable of holding eight guitars and is made from white oak.
reed holder
A box for holding reeds and lease sticks used for weaving. This is made from ash, blood wood and black walnut. I made four of these, one for Heather and three others for her closest weaving buddies.
rock box
A custom box for holding and displaying my fluorescent rock collection. The three switches on the side turn on the normal light, short wave ultraviolet and long wave ultraviolet lights. See my geology page for a picture of this box in action. It is way cool.
Here is an acoustic guitar I built. Pretty isn't it? Click here if you are interested in how the guitar was built.

rocket How about a wooden rocket?
This thing is actually flyable but I probably won't because I don't want it to get broken.

After our mailbox was creamed by our neighbor I decided to build one with a bit of craftsman style. I used pine, oak, mahogany and redwood for the construction.

 We will see how long this one lasts as this is the fourth mailbox in about 10 years.

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