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It has really been nice to finally have time to read books for fun. While I was working, I only read technical stuff as that was required for "keeping up" with technology. Things are different now that I'm retired. Reading for fun is fun and everyone should do it as often as possible.

I think it will become obvious from the lists below the kind of books I enjoy. Here's to a good read !

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Books from 2007
(before I started keeping a detailed list)
The Violin Maker
The Third Secret - Steve Berry
The Amber Room - Steve Berry
The Templar Legacy - Steve Berry
The Alexandria Link - Steve Berry

James Rollins novels I have read

The Last Oracle
The 6th Extinction
Map of Bones
Deep Fathom
The Eye of God
Doomsday Key
The Bone Labyrinth
Altar of Eden
The Judas Strain
Ice Hunt
Tracker (short story)
Blood Gospel (with Rebecca Cantrell)
Sand Storm
Seventh Plague
Innocent Blood (with Rebecca Cantrell)

Douglas Preston (P) / Lincoln Child (C) novels I have read

The Kraken Project (P)
Blasphemy (P)
White Fire (P & C)
Tyrannosaur Canyon (P)
The Book of the Dead (P & C)
Impact (P)
Blue Labyrinth (P & C)
The Codex (P)
Brimstone (P & C)
Relic (P & C)
Two Graves (P & C)
Cemetery Dance (P & C)
Riptide (P & C)
The Lost Island (P & C)
Gideon's Sword (P & C)
Fever Dream (P & C)
Cold Vengeance (P & C)
Reliquary (P & C)
The Wheel of Darkness (P & C)
Crimson Shore (P & C)
The Ice Limit (P & C)
The Obsidian Chamber (P & C)
The Third Gate (C)
Deep Storm (C)
Lethal Velocity (C)

Clive Cussler novels I have read
(mostly Dirt Pitt novels)

The Silent Sea
Polar Shift
Shock Wave
Night Probe
The Mediterranean Caper
Pacific Vortex
Deep Six
Vixen 03
Inca Gold
Raise The Titanic
Crescent Dawn
Flood Tide
Trojan Odyssey
Atlantis Found
Valhalla Rising
Treasure of Khan
Black Wind
Spartan Gold (a Fargo Adventure)
The Kingdom (a Fargo Adventure)
Arctic Drift
The Storm (a Kurt Austin Adventure)
Poseidon's Arrow
Fire Ice (a Kurt Austin Adventure)
Lost City (a Kurt Austin Adventure)
Devil's Gate (a Kurt Austin Adventure)
The Tombs (a Fargo Adventure)
Lost Empire (a Fargo Adventure)
The Mayan Secrets (a Fargo Adventure)
Dark Watch (Oregon Files)
Sacred Stone (Oregon Files)
Zero Hour (a Kurt Austin Adventure)
The Jungle (Oregon Files)
Mirage (Oregon Files)
Ghost Ship (a Kurt Austin Adventure)
The Eye of Heaven (a Fargo Adventure)
Havana Storm (Dirk Pitt)
Golden Buddha

Steve Berry novels I have read

The Third Secret
The Amber Room
The Templar Legacy
The Alexandria Link
The Venetian Betrayal
The Charlemagne Pursuit
The Paris Vendetta
The Romanov Prophecy
The Emperor's Tomb
The Columbus Affair

David Baldacci novels I have read

Simple Genius
Split Second
Saving Faith
The Collectors
Hour Game
Christmas Train
Stone Cold
Camel Club
First Family
Absolute Power
Deliver Us From Evil
The Whole Truth
True Blue
Divine Justice
Hell's Corner
The Sixth Man
The Innocent
The Forgotten

David Gibbins novels I have read

The Lost Tomb
Crusader Gold
The Mask of Troy
Atlantis God

Michael Crichton novels I have read

The Terminal Man
Eaters of the Dead
Pirate Latitudes
State of Fear
The Lost World

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