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NOTE: this webserver and the accompanying code are obsolete. Do not use this for any new designs !

The 4th generation of Webster represents the final iteration of this idea (I hope anyway). It is functionally equivalent to the 3rd generation design except that it is hosted on stock NetBurner, Inc. hardware which makes it very easy to build. Webster 4 was used to host our personal website for 3 years but has been since been retired. Our website is now hosted by a web hosting firm.

4th generation Webster's features include:

  1. Low power operation. Only 250 mA is required at 3.3 volts or about 0.8 watts.
  2. Small size. The packaged web server is about the size of a hardbound book.
  3. 100 baseT Ethernet connectivity.
  4. Support for static and dynamic IP address assignment
  5. Based upon a 32 bit ColdFire processor running at 147 MHz.
  6. Support for basic authentication for web site access control.
  7. A built in SD memory card interface (64 GByte max) for web page file storage.
  8. A built in FTP server allowing for in place update of web site content
  9. Easy to build. Webster2 runs on stock, inexpensive NetBurner, Inc. hardware.
Click one of these links if you would like to read the Webster article that is to be published in Dr.Dobb's Journal. doc format, pdf format. The web server software is available here.

Photos of the 4th generation Webster 2.


4th Generation Webster Parts List





NB development kit hardware. Part number:


Available directly from NetBurner, Inc.


Serpac Model #271 or #271-I Dimensions: 7”x 4 3/4”x 1 3/4”

See www.serpac.com

SPST power switch

Any brand off/on switch

I used a miniature toggle switch

SPST momentary contact pushbutton switch

Any brand pushbutton switch

This is the server's reset switch

LED power on indicator

Any brand of LED

I used a green LED for the power on indicator.

LED access indicator

Any brand of LED

I used a red LED as the access indicator

Memory Card

SD memory card

64 GB max - 1 GB usually adequate

Misc. hardware

Screws, nuts and spacers, etc.

For mounting the NB module

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