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Well it had to happen eventually. I finally finished my new CD for 2011 called "Chorus Of One". It has been years since my last CD and I think this is the best one yet and I hope you will agree. This CD has songs in a range of styles from dark and heavy to light, airy and fun. While all of the songs except one are covers each has an original arrangement. This CD is a home made product complete with its rough edges which make it real. The song aren't over produced and pampered like a lot of (most) modern music.

Listening Recommendations
To fully enjoy these tunes, you should:

                                                        1. Change into light, comfortable clothing.
                                                        2. Consume two (rather large) glasses of wine* or beer.
                                                        3. Turn down the lights in the room
                                                        4. Plug your best earphones/headphones into your musical device
                                                        5. Lay down on the sofa.
                                                        6. Close your eyes, relax and enjoy the tunes

* These songs sound better this way as that is how they were mixed.

I want to make it perfectly clear, I record these songs with total respect for the artists that wrote and performed them originally. I never have and never will try to make money on any of these recordings. This CD cannot be sold for any reason because I don't own the rights to any of these songs. I record these songs for myself, my family and my friends only, never to make money.

Chorus Of One Songs
Click on a link to play a song or right click the link to download and save the song to your computer/device.

Written By
Troubled Times Fountains of Wayne
Upside Down
Jack Johnson
Love Hurts
Code Monkey
Jonathan Coulton
Fields Of Gold Sting
Flaming Lips
Long December Counting Crows
You Ain't Goin No Where Dylan/Byrds
Drive Incubus
You And Me
Dave Mathews
Life In Between Lindley/Juanes

Other Credits
Lead vocals, background vocals, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass guitars, pianos, organs, synthesizers, drums, bongos, sticks, shakers, tamborines, cabasas, and all other clicks, pops and noises: Craig Lindley

Arranger, recording engineer, producer, mixing engineer, mastering engineer, packaging engineer, graphic design, web lackey, marketing, chief cook, bottle washer, janitorial staff: Craig Lindley

This CD is dedicated to my Mother, Neva Lindley, who passed away June 28, 2010. She was and has always been my biggest fan. Mom this is for you!

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