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November 2022
Christmas is approaching and I wanted to make a new CD for my sisters and other family members as they have not heard my music for a long time. I have selected some of my favorite recordings to put on this CD which I call "Collection One". These are mainly rock songs and most are covers but there are a few original tunes in the mix as well. Most have vocals but there are a few instrumentals also. Some of these songs were recorded long ago but there are some new recordings also.

For the most part I played all of the instruments used during these recording  (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, piano, synthesizers and various percussion instruments) and sing most of the vocal parts in every song. My friend, Paul Douglass, played the drums and congas on many of these songs and sung background vocals as well. Chris Redd played lead guitar on some of the tunes and bass guitar on others. I've tried to note who played what on each recording below.

  -- I want to make one thing perfectly clear --
I record these songs with total respect for the artists that wrote and performed them originally. I never have and never will try to make money on these recordings. This CD cannot be sold for any reason because I don't own the rights to most of the songs. I record these songs for myself, my family and my friends only, never to make money.

It is best to listen to these songs with headphones as that is how I recorded and mixed them.

Written by
Harvest Moon
Paul played the drums in this tune
Neil Young
Bohemian Like You
Paul played the drums and sang background vocals in this tune Dandy Warhols
Clap Live
My big (fake) concert performance. The audience just loved me (;>)
Steve Howe from Yes
A great song from one who left us too soon
Chuck Pyle
Runaway Train
Paul played drums and Chris played lead guitar on this tune. One of the 495's best recordings in my mind.
Soul Asylum
(Rhythm of the)
 Falling Rain
Ricky Nelson and the Cascades both recorded this tune. Paul played drums on this tune. John Claude Gummoe (from the Cascades)
I'm Yours
Paul played congas on this tune and Chris played lead guitar
Jason Mraz
Fields of Gold
A favorite song of mine
Go Insane
Song by Fleetwood Mac guitarist. Paul played drums on this tune. Lindsey Buckingham
Hey Hey
Original song by me
Craig Lindley
Hotel CA
A rather famous Eagles song sans the words. 
Bits and pieces of various versions of the song Hotel California all strung together.
Don Henley
Don Felder
Glenn Frey
I'm Gone
Original song by me.
Wrote when I needed to get away from it all.
Craig Lindley
A somewhat emotional song
Goo Goo Dolls - John Rzeznik
Life In Between
Original song by me Craig Lindley / Juanes
Coldplay's amazing mega hit translated to acoustic guitar and piano Chris Martin / Coldplay
An old POCO song that I have liked for 30 years easy.
Paul played the drums and sang background on this tune.
Rusty Young
Troubled Times
A song from one of my favorite groups
Fountains of Wayne
Upside Down

Jack Johnson
93 Million Miles
Paul played drums on this tune. Jason Mraz
Other Side of Heaven
Very old Fleetwood Mac tune before Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks joined the band.
Fleetwood Mac
Remember: if you find a song you like you can right click on the link and download it to your computer.
Please share these tunes with whoever you like.

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