Ray Traced Image Gallery #2

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My latest endeavor is generating ray traced images using a program I wrote called Art Rays. With Art Rays I have generated 1000's of images some of which are available for viewing off of this page. Art Rays doesn't always generate spectacular imagery. One has to comb through a lot of the generated images to find the cream of the crop and that selection is highly subjective. You may hate the images I have picked out but hey it's my website so here are my selections. I do hope you like what you see here. You are free to use these images for any non-commercial uses you desire. If you have commercial uses in mind, please email me at calhjh@gmail.com and we can work out something. All of the images shown on these pages are low res to make it easy for mobile browsers. High resolution versions of these images are even more impressive.

Gallery Page One is here.

Galley Page Two is here.

Gallery Page Three is here.

Gallery Page Four is here.

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