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October 3rd, 2020

It was nearing the end of summer 2020 and Heather and I were tired of staying inside and not seeing many of our friends due to COVID. So we decided to stage a concert at our house in Rockrimmon and invite a small number of friends who would take all of the proper precautions like wearing masks and social distancing. We figured since we were outside it would be OK and it was. Once we decided to have the concert I discussed it with the members of The Bro's Ukulele Band (Dave Reinhart and Paul Douglass) of which I am a member and we decided to do it. Dave put his iPhone on a tripod and captured the whole concert and streamed it live on Facebook. We played two 45 minute sets and these are the video's below. We had fun playing and I think the crowd, which consisted of friends and neighbors, did as well. In the videos Dave is on the far end playing a standard 4 string Uke, Paul is in the middle playing congas and I'm in the foreground playing a Uke bass.

Enjoy the show !

Set One

Set Two

Hope you enjoyed watching our End of Summer concert.

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