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The Retreat CD is a collection of fingerstyle and classical tunes. It didn't start out to be so Beatles music heavy but that is how it turned out. Some of these arrangements are mine and some are professional arrangements.

In September Heather and I went to St. Meinrads Archabbey in Indiana for a week and a half long weaving conference. We drove our Rialta RV there and back. While Heather attended the conference I stayed in our room and using my Fostex MR8 MKII recorder recorded the songs for this CD. This CD is called Retreat for a couple of different  reasons. First because of where it was recorded (in an Archabbey) and second because only a guitar and sound effects were used in its production. There are no vocals or keyboards or drums used anywhere; just guitar. Most songs used only two tracks and even these were me playing exactly the same parts. This was done to make the sound fuller. The free Audacity sound processing program was used to add sound effects and some minor signal processing.

This is as basic of recording as you can get. In the future I'll probably go back to using the full band affect but the simplicity of this recording project felt good to me as I did it. I hope you find something on this disk enjoyable. Even the CD disk label is minimualist.

Retreat CD

Here are the tunes on the CD and then some.

Track Song Written By
1 Junk Paul McCartney
2 Pennylane The Beatles
3 Clap (live), Clap Steve Howe (Yes)
4 Here Comes the Sun The Beatles
5 Buree Bach
6 Strawberry Fields The Beatles
7 Horizon Genesis
8 Maxwell's Silver Hammer (ocean), Maxwell's Silver Hammer The Beatles
9 Yesterday The Beatles

NOTE: If you are interested in hearing any of these tunes, send me email at:

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