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In June 2019 Heather and I decided to move out of the Black Forest and back into town so we purchased a home in the Rockrimmon area of Colorado Springs. If you are interested in why we moved, check out the Black Forest home page. Basically we had tired of the long drive to and from the Black Forest and wanted something closer.

Here is the view of our new house from the street. The house was built in 1985 as an active, hot water solar home. When the solar panels were removed from the house we do not know though we were told they were removed because of serious leaking. The home has built in radiant floor heating but we found out it didn't function either. The house has a hot tub in what we call the plant room but it is being removed as it was cracked and was probably leaking as well. It goes to show that home inspections don't always find all the flaws homes can have.

After moving in and living in the house for a while we have found out the house needs some serious and expensive work to make it our own and we have already stated that process by installing a mini-split heating system. We now have better heating and air conditioning.

Regardless of the many flaws we still like this house a lot and it is in a very convenient location in Colorado Springs.

Here is our front door which looks somewhat like the entrance to a castle.

Here is a view of the rear of the house. We have decks/patios on three different levels. Looking out from the back of the house towards the west you would see that we face into a large open space which is just crawling with animals. We have never seen so many deer in our lives. We have also seen bobbed cats and bears in additions to birds and squirrels.

One of our next projects is to erect a six foot fence around our back yard to keep the deer out and so that Heather can once again have a large garden for growing food and flowers.

This is the main deck level. At this point there is no shade so it makes sitting outside on a sunny day rather hot. There will be a pergola in the future to provide some shade.

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