Songs I Like - 2013 CD

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In 2003 I recorded the first Songs I Like CD. It was made up of songs I had grown to love over the years. Some of the songs were almost as old as I was and others were of a slightly more recent vintage. Most songs were written by other people but two songs on that CD were written by me. This CD was one of my first recording experiences and unfortunately it shows in the recording.

Skip ahead 10 years and it is time for Songs I Like - 2013. This CD contains my arrangements of 12 cover tunes, most of recent vintage. Unless otherwise noted,
I played all of the instruments and sang all of the vocal parts (including harmonies) on all of these tunes. My friends Paul Douglass or STX did the drums on some of the tunes and my friend Chris Redd played lead guitar on a tune.

I want to make it perfectly clear, I record these songs with total respect for the artists' that wrote and performed them originally. I never have and never will try to make money on any of these songs. This CD cannot be sold for any reason because I don't own the rights to any of these songs. I record these CDs for myself, my family and my friends, never to make money.

This CD was recorded in my basement recording studio. As is the case of a music production company of one, besides being the artist I also had to be the recording engineer, the mix down and mastering engineer, the graphics designer and CD reproduction tech. No one is responsible for any issues with this CD other than myself.

Songs on this CD

Here are the songs on the CD. For the best and most accurate listening experience you should listen to these tunes
with headphones (ideally Sony MDR-7506 to hear exactly what I did when I mixed these tunes), after the consumption of a couple of beers or glasses of wine.

Track Number
Written By
Utopia Parkway
This song kind of describes my life.
Fountains of Wayne
Who Loves The Sun
Drums by STX - lead guitar Chris Redd
Velvet Underground
Time In A Bottle
This was recorded live so I could use it to try and get
a restaurant gig at some point.
Jim Croce
Code Monkey
A story near and dear to many software jocks
Jonathan Coulton
Richie And Ruben
Hand clapping excellently done by Heather
Fountains of Wayne
Drums by STX
"Yes, in a hand basket"
The Jayhawks
Coldplay's amazing mega hit
translated to acoustic guitar and piano
Harvest Moon
Drums by STX
Neil Young
Save It For A Rainy Day
Drums by STX
The Jayhawks
A Road Song
Fountains of Wayne
Running Down A Dream
Check out my Theremin solo at the end
Tom Petty
Lucky Now
Drums by STX
Ryan Adams

I hope you enjoy this music as much as I enjoyed learning and recording it !

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