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This is what I did on my COVID vacation.

Well it's July 2020 and it's time for a new collection of tunes. I can't really say a new CD because this music may never make it onto a physical CD. I did the majority of the tracks myself (guitar, bass, keyboards and vocals) for these recordings though Paul played drums on many tunes and Chris played bass on some as well. In addition Heather did some excellent clapping on numerous tunes.

These tunes were recorded in my Rockrimmon recording studio using Reaper recording software running on an iMac. It is amazing what one can now do on a personal computer at home. No one, other than myself, is  responsible for any issues with these tunes.

want to make one thing perfectly clear: we record these songs with total respect for the artists that wrote and performed them originally. We never have and never will try to make money on any of these recordings. This CD cannot be sold for any reason because we don't own the rights to most of these songs. We record these songs for ourselves, our families and our friends only, never to make money.


Here are the songs.
For the best and most accurate listening experience you should listen to these tunes
with headphones (ideally Sony MDR-7506 to hear exactly what I did when we mixed these tunes), after the consumption of a couple of glasses of beers or wine.

Written By
A Lumineers'song
Paul played the drums on this tune
Wesley Schultz Simone Felice Jeremiah Fraites
An old Poco song that I have liked for 30 years easy. This is why this is the CD's title song.
Paul played the drums and sang background on this tune.
Rusty Young
Shakespeare & Hathaway
Now for something entirely new and different. The theme from the BBC TV show Shakespeare and Hathaway. This tune was written by British composer Debbie Wiseman and played by me. Besides the guitars I played oboe and flute in this tune.
Debbie Wiseman
A rather famous Eagles song sans the words.
Bits and pieces of various versions of the song all strung together.
Don Henley
Don Felder
Glenn Frey
Hey Hey
An original song of mine with a island groove Craig Lindley
Here Comes the Sun
A favorite Beatles tune. I went a little wild with the synths in this tune but alls well that ends well.
George Harrison
Who Says
Oh Yeah!
John Meyer
L'yin Eyes
An Eagles tune
Glen Frey
Don Henley
Till I Hear It From You
How about some distortion (;>)
Gin Blossoms
The Way
An interesting tune with a story in real life. Ask me about this sometime and I will tell you the story. Paul played drums and Chris played bass.
One Headlight
Lead singer is Bob Dylan's son. Paul played drums and Chris played bass. Wallflowers
Go Insane
Song by Fleetwood Mac guitarist
Lindsey Buckingham

We hope you enjoy this music as much as we enjoyed recording it !
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