Just Me/Edge of Tomorrow CD

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This is my third CD which contains both original songs written and recorded by me and songs written by Dan Santistevans and recorded by our band Lesser Mortals. Information about Lesser Mortals and the songs we recorded can be found here.

This CD came about around Christmas 2003 as a result of people asking me what I was doing musically as I had a month off between leaving my job at Sun Microsystems and joining the startup Cassatt. During that month I wrote 10 songs some of which are included in rough form on this CD.  All of the songs on the Just Me portion of this CD need to be rerecorded both because of marginal fidelity and because they were only demo songs to begin with. It helps to recorded original songs just so you don't forget them. Now that I have some time on my hands I will hopefully rerecord them all.

Two of my original songs got  good/really good peer reviews. They are I'm Gone and Colorado. If you don't listen to anything else on this CD you should listen to those songs. This CD had only limited distribution so if you have one, you have a real collectors item (yeah right).

As with all of my CDs, I was a one man production company doing all of the (mundane) tasks necessay to produce the CD.

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Songs on this CD

Track Number
Written By
I'm Gone
Craig Lindley
Go For It Now
Craig Lindley
Craig Lindley
Craig Lindley
Faded Away
Craig Lindley
Tell It To The Children
Craig Lindley
Edge of Tomorrow
Dan Santistevan
Churches Burning
Dan Santistevan
Blind Trust
Dan Santistevan
Scheme of Things
Dan Santistevan
Cradle to Grave
Dan Santistevan

NOTE: If you are interested in hearing any of these tunes, send me email at: calhjh@gmail.com.

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