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In December 2012 Heather and I sold our 2003 Rialta. See it here.
We bought our new 2005 Rialta in 2015.

I happened to be looking at craigslist in April 2015 and saw a used 2005 Rialta HD with low milage for sale. 2005 is the last model year of the Rialta made. This Rialta had a new low profile air conditioner, brand new tires and many other minor improvements. Heather and I discussed it and after some serous soul searching decided that we really did like our previous 2003 Rialta and so decided to buy this one. Between Rialta's I bought a teardrop trailer and a popup trailer but neither of these met our camping needs.

This HD has a brown color scheme instead of the blue scheme in our 2003. Inside it is in as good of condition as our 2003 but outside it is not quite as good as it was stored outside without a cover. We sold our old Rialta out of frustration with having to rebuild the transmission when it blew out in New York. To try and prevent this from happening again I have bought and installed a transmission cooler which should help the long term prospects for this Rialta.

Anyway, here are some pictures of our new baby.

Our new Rialta tucked away and cozy in her new home.

In the next couple of years we want to drive the Rialta to Canada and Alaska.

On 06/28/2019 we sold this Rialta to a person from Montana thus ending our RV adventures.

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