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Winter 2023

I call this collection of tunes, Favs. What this really is are the tunes that I have recently finished recording and mixing. And since I always like the tunes I have just finished up the best, they are my favorites or Favs.

For the most part I played all of the instruments used during these recording  (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, piano, synthesizers and various percussion instruments) and sing most of the vocal parts in every song. My friend, Paul Douglass, played the drums and congas on many of these songs and Chris Redd played lead guitar on some as well. If you hear a nice lead part, it is probably Chris playing it.

-- I want to make one thing perfectly clear --
I record these songs with total respect for the artists that wrote and performed them originally. I never have and never will try to make any money on these recordings. These songs cannot be sold for any reason because I don't own the rights to most of the songs. I record these songs for myself, my family and my friends only, never to make money.

It is best to listen to these songs with headphones as that is how I recorded and mixed them. 

Written By
You and Me
A new tune I just heard. The 495's are going to give this tune the treatment.
Real Estate
Part of the Plan
Another great song from a talented singer/songwriter. This is a very early version that will be evolving for a while.
Dan Fogelberg
Be Free
A short version of a Loggins & Messina song I have always liked and never thought I could do.
Jim Messina
An old Eagles song that is one of my all time favorites
Glen Frey, Don Henley
Hey Hey 
An original song that I wrote with an Island vibe
I'm Yours
A great song from a talented singer/songwriter
Jason Mraz
A favorite James Taylor song
James Taylor
Under The Boardwalk
A song almost everyone on the planet has heard and mostly know the words to
Artie Resnick, Kenny Young
When It All Began
A favorite Poco song of mine
Richie Furay, Scott Sellen, Anthony Krizan
You Didn't Have To Be So Nice
Song originally done by the Lovin Spoonful.
Steve Boone, John Sebastian

Remember: if you find a song you like you can right click on the link and download it to your computer.
Please share these tunes with whoever you like.
Questions and comments to me Craig at: calhjh@gmail.com

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