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Welcome to Craig and Heather's website. These pages are about us and the things we enjoy. Heather and I are makers of things. Some people like to travel extensively, some people like to shop, others like to go bowling. Heather and I mostly like to make things; we are driven to make things. We cannot not make things as you will see if you look around. I guess you'll get the picture.

We have many interests, a few of which are detailed in these pages. We have interests in common and then we have individual interests as well. Things of common interest are found off of this home page. Follow the provided links to investigate our individual interests or just click on our pictures if you are so inspired.

Think of this website as an electronic scrap book illustrated with some of the pictures we have taken over the years. It has been fun to put together now that I (Craig) have some time on my hands. This web stuff is not half bad though I'm glad I didn't have to design web pages for a living..

We hope you enjoy your visit here and if you would like to contact us about anything you see on our website please send email to: You should check back periodically because I will be augmenting this website over time.

Check out The Bro's Ukulele Band's End of Summer 2020 concert here.

Be sure to check out my ESP8266 Micro Controller Projects booklet if you are interested in building electronic projects

Music Links
Latest Recordings
Latest Album/CD
Solo Recordings
Fingerstyle Recordings
The 495's Music Page

Our Interests

Yes Heather and I like to make and drink beer. Check out our beer page.
Hiking/Camping We have done a lot of hiking and camping since moving to Colorado.
Houses/Homes We have enjoyed living in and around Colorado Springs for 40 some years. Here are some pictures of the various homes we have lived in.
Our Greenhouse
We finally added a greenhouse to our garden. Check it out.
Summer in Colorado is a great time to get our boat out. Here are some pictures of some of our boating adventures.
Rialta 1 RV
Our first Winnebago Rialta - 2003 - Which we sold in 2012
Rialta 2 RV
Our second Winnebago Rialta - 2005 - Which we bought in 2015
Here are some of our winter exploits.
Check out some of the vacations Heather and I have taken. NOTE: these pages are under construction so check back often.
Gold Member
Check out Gold Member as Heather likes to call it
Craig's Pages
Here are Craig's pages of interest..
Heather's Pages
Here are Heather's pages of interest.

The Website

This web site is currently hosted by Previously it was hosted on Webster, a home made server running in our home. As hard as it tried, Webster couldn't keep up with all of the music files I was trying to serve so it has been retired.

Page layout was done  Kompozer  (WYSIWYG HTML editors) which is free. All of the pages were verified using Firefox (a great free browser) so I don't know how they will look with Internet Explorer since I never use it. For the most part we used only free, publicly available, software tools to build this website. This is the first website I have ever done so it is not the slickest one you will ever see, but it works.

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